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Video Journalism


Film communication is increasingly the domain of the journalist in the field. Combining print and video challenges how we tell stories, deliver information and new thinking.

Publications for The Australian, The Diplomat, China Daily.


'CHINA'S NEW DEAL' Report for The Australian, The Diplomat. September 2014 


Australian studies attract growing interest in Chinese universities.

Student exchanges are up. Nuance is everything. BHP Billiton established a chair of Australian studies with 30 centers existing throughout China. Independent of any individual Australian university but linked to them all, unfunded by government but partnered to its key offshore agencies, this job exists solely because BHP considers $5 million fair value for social capital made good by the holders of the position. More


'THE NEW MEDICIS Report for The Australian July 2013

China’s reaches for that goal through soft-power at home too, leveraging e-learning to do it, and on the way, offering new e-learning partnership opportunities for Australia that may profoundly change education here too. More


BORDERLINE ART: PRC / DPRK 2012  Report for The Australian, 2012

Artist Professor Ian Howard explores the borders of China and North Korea .

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OTHER ARTWORK: Rubbings were made on 10 historical war sites on the borders of China, North Korea, Russia, Australia.

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Chair for the Asian Century: The Australian,  November 2012

Borderline Art: China Daily,  China Daily, September 2012

Chinese Look to Australia for media-savvy:  The Australian,  June 2012